Bringing Innovation to Market



Specialty Medical Device Distributor
​& Sales Force

​Innovation in the clinical setting within the hospital requires access to the minds of those physicians who initiate that change. 

We engage our physician clients passioniate in your cause. 

Zuma Biomedical works with physician clients who are part of the following organizations:
Acute Care Facilties

                         Integrated Delivery
                                    Networks (IDN)  
Medical Groups
                                                             Physician  Networks

Independent Practice Associations (IPA)

Management Service Organizations (MSO)


Hospital corporate executive hierarchy is expanding with new executive titles and roles within acute care facilities, hospital systems, and integrated delivery networks.

Real change on the clinical level is aided by support from the corporate level and can be an essential aspect of a project.​ 



​Sales Cycles will vary greatly ​depending on facility, clinical area of use, product, running budgets versus capital budgets, contracts, group purchasing organizations, product patient trials, value analysis committees and product committee meetings, as well as many other influencing factors.​

Zuma-Bio has the understanding to navigate the entire hospital landscape, from large corporate IDN's to small community hospitals, we are your sales-cycle experts in the State of California.


In such a complex market, leveraging existing relationships has become more important than ever.

​​Zuma-Bio can be your Sales Force to access and influence those physicians and corporate executives, manage that sales cycle, and help your innovative ideas become reality.


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